Tuxedo Link Shortener

The URL Shortener With A Twist

Tuxedo Link Shortener™ is a simple URL Shortening service with a twist. It comes with #hashtags, domains, and link notes. This is much unlike the average URL shortening service that only shortens links. Each link here is saved for posterity with accompanying notes and short URL.

Currently, only registered users with accounts can shorten links.

February 2024 Activity

Daily Clicks Activity (February, 2024)
Top 10 Countries this month
Canada 1129
United States 464
China 462
Japan 436
unknown 15
France 11
Russian Federation 2
United Kingdom 2
Netherlands 1
Greece 1
Latest Links
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gwb+ 97 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gwj+ 93 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gw5+ 104 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gwh+ 132 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gwr+ 177 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gw4+ 115 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gw2+ 105 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gwg+ 115 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gw8+ 127 clicks so far
  go.tuxedosoft.com/gz7+ 753 clicks so far
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